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by animalzoneuk over a year ago

Some of the Bugs you might meet at an animalzoneuk event

Spiders                         Giant Orb spider                         Zebra Leg

      Chillie Rose                             Auratum

        Mexican Redknee      Salmon Pink Birdeater             Huntsman

        Indian Ornamental         Cobalt Blue

          Pink Toe           Green Bottle Blue


    Blood Leg                 Goliath Birdeater 



           Asian Forest              Hissing Scorpion                                         

        Desert Hairy                                                  Flat Rock


          Red Claw              Emperor     



      Whip Scorpion                              Tiger Beetle

  Indian Predator Beetle              Jewel Fruit Beetle  


          Fruit Beetles                    Giant Train Millipedes      

 Chocolate Millipedes                Florida Katydids      

  Mclays Spectra      Thorny Devil    

  Queensland Green        Hissing Cockroach